Hey interwebbers– lovely seeing your faces!

So, I’m going to rage for just sec.

Why can’t people be honest now a days? Why do “friends” need to hide the truth if they’re truly friends?

I guess it was just the way I was raised. Italian and honest. Sometimes to the point where some people don’t like the honesty.

The truth hurts.

But, I’d rather be hurt with a truth, over a lie. When you lie to someone, chances are they will find out the truth. If they really aren’t worth the whole and complete truth to you, maybe you shouldn’t be friends.

I know. It’s one of my talents. I always know. It’s almost impossible to get something past me. Often, I will ignore the lie. It’s not worth an upset. But, I always know. Don’t try and protect my feelings, protect my respect for you. If you lie to me, I lose it all.

Well, that’s my rage.

Till we blog again—



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